Messenger Service

We offer express document delivery in Bangkok and its vicinity with a team of over 80 highly experienced delivery officers who know their way around to cater to your needs. You can be assured of punctual and secured services.

We train our officers continuously and regularly on both operations and behaviors. All officers in TJ Express uniforms are clean, neat, polite, and well behaved during their operations in order to keep up the company’s standards for all clients.

We provide delivery officers for your office on a temporary, daily, and monthly basis. We also take care of them for you including their welfare, social security, and life insurance. We have been trusted to provide delivery officers for various leading companies such as DHL.

Payment Method for Messenger Service

Cash or Bank Transfer to TJ Express Co., Ltd.
Bangkok Bank, The Oriental Branch,
Current account No. 2263008415

For Express Services

Call in advanced at
022353668, 022353670
02-235-3673 -74
for order details

Messenger pick up
and deliver within
1 – 3 hours which
is up to distances


TJ inform customer
for the completion