About US

We offer express services on document and parcel delivery, product distribution, and bill payments through experienced delivery officers who know their way around in Bangkok and its vicinity.

We have been continuously trusted as a provider of various services for a number of business entities such as medical suppliers, insurance, couriers, international organizations, bookshops, logistics companies, and so on.

TJ Express Co., Ltd. also takes pride in being trusted as a business partner by leading companies. We serve you with honesty, speed and accuracy as we are part of your success.

Payment Method for Messenger Service

Cash or Bank Transfer to TJ Express Co., Ltd.
Bangkok Bank, The Oriental Branch,
Current account No. 2263008415

For Express Services

Call in advanced at
022353668, 022353670
02-235-3673 -74
for order details

Messenger pick up
and deliver within
1 – 3 hours which
is up to distances


TJ inform customer
for the completion